Nitro Pro Terbaru Download 2023

Nitro Pro Retakan  Terbaru Download 2023

Free Download Nitro Pro 13 Portable Terbaru Windiows 10 PC – merupakan aplikasi yang digunakan untuk mengelola file PDF. Dengan menggunakan software ini, kalian dapat dengan mudah membuat, convert hingga mengedit file PDF. Kalian pasti tau jika file PDF merupakan file yang tidak bisa sembarangan dibuat bahkan tidak banyak software yang mampu mengedit file ini. Untuk itu Nitro Pro merilis versi terbaru dengan performa yang lebih powerful serta melengkapi fitur yang tersedia.

Nitro Pro adalah salah satu perangkat lunak yang dirancang untuk membantu pengguna dalam membuat, mengedit, dan mengonversi file PDF. Nitro Pro menawarkan berbagai fitur yang berguna, termasuk kemampuan untuk mengonversi file PDF ke format lain seperti Word, Excel, dan PowerPoint, serta kemampuan untuk menambahkan teks, gambar, dan tanda tangan ke file PDF.

Nitro Pro

Pengguna Nitro Pro dapat mengedit teks dalam bahasa Indonesia dengan mudah. Nitro Pro mendukung pengeditan teks multibahasa, termasuk bahasa Indonesia. Ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengedit teks dalam bahasa Indonesia tanpa masalah.

Selain itu, Nitro Pro juga menyediakan alat-alat yang berguna untuk membuat dan mengedit dokumen PDF dalam bahasa Indonesia. Misalnya, pengguna dapat menambahkan tanda tangan digital dalam bahasa Indonesia ke dokumen PDF mereka, yang akan membantu mengamankan dokumen dan memberikan keaslian yang diperlukan.

Nitro Pro juga menyediakan alat-alat kolaborasi yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk berbagi dokumen PDF mereka dengan orang lain secara mudah. Pengguna dapat mengirim dokumen PDF mereka melalui email atau berbagi file secara langsung dengan kolega atau rekan bisnis mereka. Nitro Pro juga mendukung kolaborasi tim yang lebih besar, memungkinkan beberapa pengguna untuk mengedit dan bekerja pada dokumen PDF yang sama secara bersamaan.

Hadir dalam bentuk portable yang berarti aplikasi ini bisa kalian gunakan tanpa harus menginstall pada windows 7 hingga 10 sistem 64 bit. Melihat fungsinya, aplikasi ini bersaing dengan Adobe Acrobat DC Pro dan juga Foxit PDF. Akan tetapi aplikasi ini menawarkan kemudahan penggunaan kepada usernya. Selain itu terdapat juga beberapa fitur seperti Secure documents with passwords, Design forms, Add Sticky Notes, Add freehand drawings dan masih banyak lagi fitur lainnya. Jadi langsung aja download Nitro PDF Pro 13 portable terbaru pada panel dibawah.

Fitur Terbaru Nitro Pro 

  • Create PDF and PDF/A documents from virtually any Windows file
  • Convert and merge files into a single PDF document
  • Convert entire collections of files to PDF in one batch
  • Scan paper documents to PDF
  • Secure documents with passwords and certificates
  • Encrypt with 40-bit, 128-bit, and 256-bit level security
  • Apply restrictions on printing, copying, and altering PDF documents
  • Fill in, save, print, and submit forms
  • Design forms
  • Add, edit, and run javascript
  • Export PDF for reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, and more
  • Extract all text and images from PDF documents
  • Batch convert PDF files to Word, RTF, and text formats
  • Insert and edit text, including font, size, color, and more
  • Edit images — insert, resize, rotate, crop, flip, replace, arrange, delete, and extract
  • Split pages of PDF documents based on page groups, page ranges, and bookmark structure
  • Add and edit bookmarks and links
  • Flexible multi-language support
  • Highlight text content with the Highlight, Underline, Cross Out, and Replace Text tools
  • Add Sticky Notes, Text Boxes, and Call Out annotations
  • Add freehand drawings with the Pencil tool

Fitur lanjutan

  • Pronunciation: Indonesian has a relatively simple pronunciation system, with a consistent vowel and consonant sounds. Unlike some other languages, there are few exceptions to the rules of pronunciation in Indonesian.
  • Vocabulary: Indonesian has a relatively small vocabulary compared to other languages, with around 100,000 words in the language. This makes it relatively easy for learners to acquire and memorize new vocabulary.
  • Grammar: Indonesian has a relatively simple grammar system, with few inflections and grammatical rules that are easy to learn. The language also does not use articles like “a” or “the” and does not distinguish between singular and plural nouns.
  • Word Order: Indonesian has a flexible word order, allowing speakers to place words in a sentence in a variety of ways. The language is subject-verb-object, but it is common to use the passive voice and move the object before the subject.
  • Loanwords: Indonesian has borrowed many words from other languages, particularly Dutch and Sanskrit. These loanwords are often adapted to fit Indonesian pronunciation and grammar rules.
  • Informal Language: Indonesian has a variety of informal language styles, including slang and colloquialisms. These are often used in casual conversation and are not typically used in formal situations.
  • Affixes: Indonesian has a rich system of affixes that can change the meaning of words. Prefixes and suffixes can be added to words to indicate tense, plurality, negation, or other meanings.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to learn: Indonesian is a relatively simple language to learn, with a straightforward grammar system and a small vocabulary compared to many other languages. This makes it an attractive option for people looking to learn a new language quickly.
  • Widely spoken: Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia, which has a population of over 270 million people. It is also spoken by many people in other Southeast Asian countries, making it a useful language for travel and business in the region.
  • Rich cultural heritage: Indonesian language and culture have been shaped by centuries of history and cultural influences from various countries. This has created a rich and diverse language that is reflective of the country’s cultural identity.
  • Flexibility: Indonesian has a flexible word order, which allows for more creative expression and makes it easier to learn for non-native speakers.


  • Limited international use: While Indonesian is a widely spoken language in Southeast Asia, it is not as commonly spoken or studied in other parts of the world. This may limit the usefulness of the language for international business or travel.
  • Lack of resources: Compared to other languages, there may be fewer resources available for learning Indonesian, particularly for more advanced learners. This can make it difficult to find high-quality learning materials or practice opportunities.
  • Informal language: Indonesian has a variety of informal language styles and slang, which can make it difficult for non-native speakers to understand or use in formal settings.
  • Pronunciation: While Indonesian has a relatively simple pronunciation system, there are still some unique sounds that may be difficult for non-native speakers to master. This can lead to difficulties with communication or understanding.

Persyaratan sistem Nitro Pro :

  • Operating system: You will need a computer running a compatible operating system, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux. Most operating systems come with built-in support for inputting and displaying non-English languages.
  • Input method: In order to type in Indonesian text, you will need an input method that supports the language. Most operating systems come with pre-installed input methods for Indonesian, or you can download and install a third-party input method.
  • Keyboard: You will need a keyboard with the Indonesian language layout, which includes special characters and diacritical marks used in the language. Many operating systems allow you to switch between keyboard layouts easily.
  • Font: You will need a font that supports the Indonesian script, which includes the Latin alphabet, as well as some additional characters and diacritical marks. Most operating systems come with a selection of fonts that support Indonesian text.
  • Internet connection: If you are working with online resources or collaborating with others on Indonesian text, you will need a stable internet connection.

Cara Menggunakan Nitro Pro .4.62 Portable Gratis

  1. Free download Nitro Pro 13 Portable terbaru gratis windows 7 pc 64 bit
  2. Gunakan Winrar Terbaru untuk extract file aplikasi
  3. Proses file .exe untuk install software Nitro Pro
  4. Tunggu hingga aplikasi terinstall
  5. Bisa langsung digunakan karena portable
  6. Selamat menikmati gratisan!

Download Nitro Pro Portable Gratis 64 Bit

Installer File x64 (180MB) | MediaFire | MegaNZ
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