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Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version Free Download Windows 7 64 Bit.Merupakan aplikasi pc terbaru dari microsoft dengan activating mudah yang digunakan untuk pengoperasian kantor yang terdiri dari Ms Word, Ms Excel ,Ms Power Poin, OneNote, Outlook dan lainnya. Dari mulai mengolah data, angka, diagram, presentasi dan masih banyak lagi.

Microsoft Office

Pengembangan dilakukan dari versi sebelumnya ditambah dengan aplikasi Outlook didalamnya. Bagi para pengguna Ms Office pro plus 2010 tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba update versi yang terbarunya untuk merasakan perbedaannya secara langsung. Walaupun update aplikasi office terbaru ini memiliki beberapa fitur tambahan, penggunaannya masih relatif kecil.

Kestabilan versi software ini pada sistem 64 bit menjadi salah satu kuncinya. Akan tetapi Office 2010 ini masih tetap perkasa di Windows 32 Bit. Untuk kalian yang ingin melakukaan aktivasi Office 2010 ISO bisa menggunakan ez activator seperti Microsoft Toolkit, KMSpico atau KMSAuto Net. Cara melakukan aktivasi ms office jadi lebih mudah dan cepat

Walaupun sekarang sudah tersedia versi yang lebih baru seperti Office 2013, 2016 dan 2019, aplikasi Ms Office 2010 SP2 ini masih sangat layak apalagi untuk Windows 7 dan Windows 10. Jadi tunggu apalagi untuk kalian yang tertarik segera download Microsoft Office 2010 professional plus full version gratis pada panel google drive dibawah.

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software suites in the world, providing users with a powerful set of tools for word processing, spreadsheet management, presentations, and more. With a growing user base in Indonesia, it’s no surprise that Microsoft Office has made efforts to accommodate Indonesian text and language features.

One of the most significant changes that Microsoft Office has made in recent years is the inclusion of Indonesian language support. This means that users can now easily create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the Indonesian language, without having to use third-party software or workarounds.

The Indonesian language is a complex language, with many regional dialects and variations. Microsoft Office supports standard Indonesian as well as several regional variations, including Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese. Users can easily switch between languages and dialects within the software, making it easy to create documents that cater to different audiences.

Office 2010 Software Detail Windows 10 Update 

  • Software Name: Ms. Office 2010 Full Version Gratis.
  • Setup File Name: msopispropls2010_instl(x64/x86).
  • Password File:
  • Full Setup Size: +1 GB.
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer with Activator.
  • Compatibility Architecture: 64 Bit.
  • Latest Release:

Fitur MS Office 2010 Pro Plus ISO Terbaru Gratis

  • Word processing capabilities
  • Providing databases and preparing professional reports
  • Share reports and Manage emails
  • Build beautiful projects and slides
  • Increase / Decrease Font Size, Adjust, Line, Page Width
  • New menu “Page Layout” in the edit panel
  • Optimized for use on tablets and smartphones in particular
  • Microsoft’s focus is on improving media usage and reducing resource consumption

Fitur lanjutan

  • Phonetics: the Indonesian language has a simple and consistent phonetic system, which means that each letter represents only one sound. The Indonesian alphabet consists of 26 letters, and each letter has a unique sound. This makes it easier for users to learn the language and pronounce words correctly.
  • Orthography: The Indonesian language uses a Latin-based script, which means that it is written using the same alphabet as English. However, Indonesian text also includes diacritical marks such as accent marks and dots, which are used to indicate different sounds and pronunciations. These diacritical marks are important for accurate reading and writing of Indonesian text.
  • Vocabulary: the Indonesian language has a rich vocabulary, with many loanwords borrowed from other languages such as Dutch, Arabic, and Sanskrit. This gives Indonesian text a unique flavor, with a mix of traditional and modern words.
  • Grammar: Indonesian grammar is relatively simple, with no gender or case system. Indonesian text uses a subject-verb-object sentence structure, which means that the subject of the sentence comes before the verb, and the object comes after the verb. This makes it easier for users to construct sentences and express themselves in Indonesian text.
  • Regional Variations: Indonesian text has several regional variations, including Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese. These regional variations have their own unique vocabulary and pronunciation, which can make it challenging for users to understand and communicate with speakers of different regional variations.

Pros & Cons


  • Simplicity: Indonesian text has a relatively simple grammar structure, with no gender or case system, making it easy to learn and use.
  • Consistency: The Indonesian language has a consistent phonetic system, which means that each letter represents only one sound, making it easy for users to read and pronounce words correctly.
  • Cultural relevance: Indonesian text is an important language in Southeast Asia, with over 250 million speakers. Learning Indonesian text can help users connect with Indonesian culture and people, and potentially open up new business and career opportunities.
  • Easy to type: With the increasing popularity of digital communication, it is becoming easier to type Indonesian text with standard keyboard layouts, without the need for special software or fonts.


  • Regional Variations: As mentioned earlier, Indonesian text has several regional variations, which can make it challenging for users to communicate with speakers of different regional variations.
  • Limited use: Although Indonesian text is an important language in Southeast Asia, it may not have as much global reach as other languages like English, Spanish, or Mandarin.
  • Limited resources: Compared to other major languages, there may be fewer resources available for learning and practicing Indonesian text, which can make it challenging for users to become proficient in the language.
  • Limited job opportunities: Although learning Indonesian text can be beneficial for users interested in working in Southeast Asia, job opportunities that require proficiency in Indonesian text may be limited compared to other languages.

System Requirement Ms. Office 2010 Windows PC : 

  • Operating System: Indonesian text can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Hardware: A device with a minimum of 2GB RAM and a 2GHz processor is recommended for optimal performance while using Indonesian text. Additionally, devices with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels are recommended for a clear display of Indonesian text.
  • Software: Indonesian text can be written and read using standard software programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign, and other text editors. These software programs should support the use of the Indonesian language, including the necessary diacritical marks and letters.
  • Fonts: To display Indonesian text correctly, a device must have a font that supports the Indonesian alphabet and diacritical marks. Most modern operating systems come with built-in fonts that support Indonesian text, but additional fonts can be downloaded if needed.
  • Input method: To type Indonesian text, a user may need to switch their keyboard input method to an Indonesian keyboard. This can be done in the device settings or by installing a software keyboard specifically for typing Indonesian text.

Cara Install Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version Gratis

  1. Free download Microsoft Office 2010 Pro full version windows 10 64 bit link google drive
  2. Extract menggunakan winrar terbaru 5.6
  3. Jalanin setup.exe
  4. Masukan serial number pada folder crack
  5. Gunakan software KMSpico activator windows
  6. Selamat menikmati gratisan!

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Free Download Office 2010 Pro Plus Full Version

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